Virtual OneStop (VOS) – Employer User

Logging In


If you don’t have an account:

·         Click the link Not Registered? on the Home page, near the Sign In button, (name may vary, but will include Register in the link name).

·         Under Opt 3 – Create a User Account ,
click the Employer link.

·         Follow the steps and fill in all required (*) fields.

Note: Steps and fields vary depending on your site’s configuration, but they always include creating a unique user name and password.

·         When you complete all steps, a “What would you like to do next?” screen is displayed, – you are logged in.

If you have an account:

·         Enter your user ID and password.

·         Click the Sign In button.

·         Or…    Click Forgot Username / Password on the Home page to retrieve a forgotten ID or password.

·         Select a desired retrieval option.


My Employer Workspace*  (My Dashboard )

* Indicated items are “collapsible” left-menu headings. 


·         To minimize or maximize a widget, click the minus or plus sign (-/+) at the top left.

·         To remove a widget, click the X at the top right. 

·         To move a widget, click and hold the title (the double-arrow cursor) to drag title elsewhere.

·         To restore/remove several widgets at once, scroll to the bottom of dash­board, click Configure Dashboard Widgets and check/uncheck the widgets you wish to display or turn off.  Then click Save.


My Recruitment Plan widget – this is quick way to see the number of job orders created for your company (and how many were viewed by individuals), the number of candidate résumés you have viewed, and how many automated candidate search alerts you have. The numbers are links to the specific tabs for managing your job orders, seeing viewed résumés, and defining/editing your résumé alerts.

My Messages widget – this is a shortcut to your Message Center inbox, where you can view read and unread messages, and manage various folders for deleted, draft, junk, and sent mail.

My Calendar widget – shows the number of upcoming appointments and events the user has created (or that are associated with the user), in an easy-to-see Calendar View. Numbers displayed for new appointments and upcoming events are links to the details of the specific event.


How We Can Help You Displays the options of the Services Preview widget as horizontal menu-bar options.  (The widget displays these same options in a friendly, visual, rolling format.)

Directory of Services – Lists and describes employer service options.  Click a desired link option to access that service.  To access this screen, click Services on the toolbar options displayed at the bottom of most any page.


Settings and Themes


The settings you select control the system appearance and behavior. Click the Preferences link at the bottom of most screens to access the Settings menu.  Choose from the following:

Web Theme – Incorporates images and text on Web pages.

Text Theme – Hides images on Web pages to maximize Internet performance.

Screen Reader Theme – Incorporates proprietary software for users who are visually impaired.

Quick Menu*


Manage Jobs Choose this to open the Job Orders tab and create new job orders, manage existing ones, or copy from existing jobs.  This tab includes all options for managing any of the employer’s jobs.

Candidate SearchChoose this shortcut to find candidates/resumes (this opens the Quick Résumés Search tab, and the other advanced résumé search tabs.

Employer Resources Choose this shortcut to access commonly used tools for employers. This includes fly-outs to Messages, Appointments, Job Order Templates, Preferences, and Upcoming Events.

Employer Portfolio Access folders in Employer Profiles and Human Resource Plans to review / modify your Corporate, Search History, and Communica­tions profiles, as well as Job Order plans (for managing job requirements), and Recruitment Plans (for managing job applicants). 


Services for Employers*


Recruitment Services – Manage your job orders, search for candidate résumés, manage job applicants, review job market and candidate market trends, and create résumé search agents that run automatically.

Education Services – Locate training and education institutions in your state and the programs they offer, find online training opportunities, review statistical information about program completers, and find labor market information for desired programs in your area. 

Labor Market Services – Review labor market Q&As, and review labor market profiles for specific areas, industries, educational programs, and occupations in your state.

Human Resource Information – Review information about hiring practices, recruiting, and other human resource issues.

EEO Information – Review information about equal employment opportunity programs and requirements.

Labor Relations – Review information from resources that specialize in labor relations.

Government Resources – Access government resources pertinent to employers.

Wellness and Ergonomics – Review information concern­ing ergonomics and general health and wellness topics.

Employer Incentives – Review information about employer programs in your area.

Staff-Provided Services – Learn about available employer services at your local one-stop center.

  These menu options will only display if purchased for your site. 


Important Things You Can Do In VOS


Post a Job Order
(Job Orders tab)














Edit a Job Order
(Job Orders tab)

·      Click Manage Jobs (from the Quick Menu).

·      Click Add a New Job Order button (at bottom of Job Orders tab).

·      Enter the job title, select the occupation, and select the creation method for the job order; click Next.  (No creation method display for the first job created.)

·      Select job order Location and Contact.

·      Select job order display option; complete Job Details section.

·      Enter a job description (job duties).

·      Select skill set method, confirm the required skills (and add any others).

·      Confirm the selected skills.

·      Enter requirements such as hiring, minimum education and experience, etc.

·      Enter compensation, hours, and benefits.

·      Identify application methods accepted, required applicant information, add application question set (if applicable), and applicant notification method (if applicable).

·      Determine whether to upload job, provide other information, and click Finish.

·      Review job order details and modify, if necessary.


·      To duplicate a job order (to build a new job order):

§ Click the Copy link under the Action column; select the desired copy option and click Copy Job; click the Edit link for the desired section(s); modify job order details; click Save.  Click Return to Job Orders.

·      To view/modify an existing job:

§ Click the job order title; click the Edit link for the desired section(s); modify job order details; click Save.  Click Return to Job Orders.

·      To add an Application Question Set to an existing job order:

§ Click the Edit link for the desired job order; click Edit Application Question Set link in self-titled section; click Create Job Applicant Questions link (if non-existing) and follow directions for task on next page…OR…select desired question set (if already exists); click Save; click Return to Job Orders


Create Application Questions
(Can be Added to Job Orders)

·      Click Employer Portfolio4 Human Resource Plan4Job Order Plan 4Application Questions tab.

·      Click Create Application Questions button (at bottom of tab).

·      Enter question set name.

·      Enter introductory question text by:

§ Manually entering data, OR

§ Clicking Insert Sample Text.

·      Click Save.

·      Enter your question in the Question text box within the Add a Question section.

·      Select the appropriate response type.  If multiple choice, select whether job seekers may select more than once choice.

·      Click Add this Question.  Repeat steps as necessary.

·      Click Return to Question Set List when complete.


Modify Application Question Set

·      Click Employer Portfolio4 Human Resource Plan4Job Order Plan4Application Questions tab.

·      Click desired Edit link.

·      Click desired Action column link.

§ Click Delete to remove the question set.

§ Click Edit to modify the question; make changes; click Save.

§ Click Copy to duplicate the question.

·      Click Return to Question Set List when complete. 


Search for Résumés

·      Click Candidate Search from the Quick Menu.

·      Select from most recent résumés viewed, if applicable.   OR

·      Click Area link to select new search area, if applicable.

·      Select one of the following search methods:

§ Quick Résumé Search tab – select any combination of search criteria and click Search.

§ Advanced Résumé Search tab – [1] To rank search results, enter ranking criteria and select whether each is Required or Desired. [2] To filter search results, enter filtering criteria. [3] To search by candidate’s residential location, select the desired location. [4] Click Search.

§ Résumé Search by Skills tab if applicable or add new skill set – Select a Résumé Modification Date, a desired skill set and match ratio; click Search.

§ Résumé Search by Job Order Criteria tab – Select a desired job order and click Search.

§ Résumé Number Search tab – Enter a desired résumé ID number and click Search.

§ External Résumé Search tab – Click a desired job site link and follow site directions to conduct résumé search. 


Manage Résumé Search Results

·      If multiple pages displayed, perform one of the following:

§ Click the arrow to navigate one page at a time; OR,

§ Enter desired page number and click Go; OR,

§ Select desired records per page and click Go.

·      To sort the search results, select the “Detailed” Results View, click the Résumé Details column title, select the desired sort item, select the sort order, and click Sort.

·      Click View Résumé to access résumé details.

·      Click Save to Favorites to add selected résumé to Favorites folder.

·      Click a desired link option to view Detailed Information about the résumé or applicant.


Create Virtual Recruiter
(Résumé Alert)

·      Conduct résumé search as documented.

·      On search results screen, click Save search or the click here link.

·      Type a title for this résumé alert.

·      Select how often to run.

·      Select notification method.

·      Enter expiration date.

·      Click Save.


Record Referral Results (using Manage Job Applicants)

·      Click Recruitment Services4Manage Job Applicants.

·      (Optional) Select desired job order to see only those job applicants.

·      Choose one of the following actions (if applicable):

§ Click the Applicant Name link to access the following: Question Set Response, DL Information, Applicant Notes, Print Forms, Contact Information, Applicant Overview, Employment and Qualifications, Job Skills, and Reference Information.

§ Click the Job Order Title link to view job order details.

§ Click the Résumé link to view applicants’ résumés.

·      Click the desired Details link to record job referral status.

·      From the Applicant Overview tab, click the Change Status link.

·      Select the desired Applicant Status (for Hired, include hire date and hourly rate).

·      Click Save to record results.


Record Referral Results (using Manage Jobs)

·      Click Manage Jobs from the Quick Menu.

·      Click the desired numeric link under the Applicants column.

·      To sort the search results, click the Applicant Summary column title, select the desired sort item, select the sort order, and click Sort.

·      (Optional) Click a desired link option as documented above.

·      Click the Change Status link for the desired applicant, OR click the Applicant Overview link 4Change Status link.

·      Select the desired Applicant Status. (For Hired, include hire date and hourly rate; for Not Hired, select reason).

·      Click Save to record results.


Save Résumés to Your Favorites Tab Folder

·      Conduct résumé search as previously documented.

·      Click Save to Favorites under Action column.  You may also select this link while viewing résumé details.

·      Add candidate to existing folder, or create new one.

·      Rate the candidate.

·      Enter notes, if applicable.

·      Click Save.


Check Events Calendar

·      Click Employer Resources4Upcoming Events.

·      Click to Show/Hide Filters.

·      Select desired timeframe, region, office, category, and/or view.

·      Click a calendar entry to view detailed information.


Update Account Information

·      Click Employer Portfolio4 Employer Profiles 4Corporate Profile.

·      Change any information in your profile (except your user name) and click Save Information.


Create Required Skills Lists

·      Click Employer Portfolio4 Human Resource Plan4Job Order Plan4Job Skill Sets tab. 

·      Click Add Skill Set.

·      Select Analyze Skills to manually create required skills list, OR

§ Select each required skill amongst all skill categories.

§ Click Save Skills and Continue when complete; click Continue.

·      Select Skill Matching to choose the default skills list for a selected occupation.

§ Select occupation; click Continue.  You may modify the default skills list once you save it.

·      Name the list and click Save.


Create Correspondence Templates

·      Click Employer Portfolio4 Employer Profiles4Communications Profile4 Communications Templates tab.

·      Click Create New Template.

·      Enter correspondence template details.

·      Format the text, if desired.

·      Click Save.


Modify Correspondence Templates

·      Click Employer Portfolio4 Employer Profiles4 Communications Profile4 Communications Templates tab.

·      Click desired Action column link.

§ Click Edit to modify the template; make changes; click Save.

§ Click Preview to view template details.

§ Click Copy to duplicate the template; make changes, if necessary; click Save.

§ Click desired checkbox(es) and Delete link(s) to remove templates you created.


Manage Login Privs for Contact Persons

·      Click Employer Portfolio4 Employer Profiles4 Corporate Profile4 Contacts/Users tab.

·      Click desired contact name link.

·      Click Sign In Information tab.

·      To remove system login privileges, click to remove the Give this Contact the ability to Sign In checkmark.  Click Save.

·      To add or edit system login privileges, click the Give this Contact the ability to Sign In checkbox. 

§ Enter user name, password, and security question/response for the contact person.

§ Click Next.

§ On User Privileges tab, select the desired privileges for this contact.

§ Click Save.


Send Correspondence to Job Applicant

·      Manage Résumé Search Results, or Job Referral Results, as documented.

·      Click Contact Info link under detailed information column.

·      Click Send this Individual a Message.

·      Select delivery method.

·      Enter subject.

·      Click Insert Template link.

·      Click Select link for desired template.

·      Click Send Message.


View an LMI Occupation Profile

·      Click Labor Market Services 4Occupational Profile.

·      Select an Occupation using one of the tab options.

The Occupation Summary tab displays (with a default of Tables and Text for Display Options, and with Candidates and Employers/Employment data emphasized in the defaults for Data Categories).

·      To include maps or graphs in the display:

§ Click the Show Display Options link. 

§ Click the Graphs and/or Maps check boxes

§ Click the Set Display Mode button.

The screen will refresh to include graphs and maps where data categories support this. 

·      To include more or other cat categories in the display:

§ Click the Show Data Categories link.

§ Click the check boxes for each of the data categories you want to have displayed.

§ Click the Set Data Categories button.

The screen will refresh to include all the data categories checked (displayed in the checked Display Modes).



Using Employer Portfolio   (Employer Profiles & Human Resource Plans)

Employer Profiles4Corporate – Lists company information required for account setup and worksites. Contains the following folders:

·      General Information – Allows you to modify your account information initially captured during system registration (or as a result of record conversion).

·      Locations – Allows you to add or review employer worksites and add contacts for those work sites. 

·      Contacts/Users – Allows you to add or review employer contact information for each employer contact data and worksite location recorded, and for multiple-employer sign-in and privileges.

§ Sign In Information tab – Allows select employer contacts to define sign-ins for other contacts.

§ User Privileges – Allows select employer contacts to identify privileges for other contacts who have sign-in ability for the employer. 

Note:    Only select employer contacts (e.g., the primary contact) are given Sin-In tab and User Privileges tab permissions.

·      Account Summary Lists employer information and statistics about employer’s usage of the system.

Employer Profiles4Search History – Lists your saved candidate résumé searches, training program searches, and details from occupation, industry, and area profile searches. Contains the following folders:

·         Viewed Résumés – Lists candidate résumés you previously viewed; permits new searches.

·         Programs – Lists training and educational programs you previously viewed using Education Services4Training and Education Programs; permits new searches.

·         Occupations – Lists occupation details you previously viewed using Labor Market Services4Occupation Profile; permits new searches.

·         Industries – Lists industry details you previously viewed using Labor Market Services 4Industry Profile; permits new searches.

·         Areas – Lists area profile information you previously viewed using Labor Market Services 4Area Profile; permits new searches.

Employer Profiles4 Communications Profile – Contains messages, communication templates, message subscriptions, and received email. Contains the following folders:

·         Messages – Provides a shortcut to your Message Center mail box.

·         Communication Templates – Lists information about the correspondence templates you have created in the system.

·         Subscriptions – Lists the system alert messages that are available to be received.

·         Email Log – Lists system-generated email messages sent on your behalf, or received by you.

Human Resource Plan 4Job Order Plan – Lists your job orders, job order templates, application question sets, and skill sets. Contains the following folders:

·         Job Orders – Lists your job orders and job applicants for each.

·         Job Order Templates – Displays the job order templates that you have created in the system.

·         Application Questions – Displays the application question sets that you have created in the system.

·         Job Skill Sets – Lists the sets of required job skills you may add to job orders or use as filtering criteria for résumé searches.

Human Resource Plan 4Recruitment Plan – Lists your job applicants and referrals, favorite candidates, and résumé alerts. Contains the following folders:

·         Job Applicants – Lists the candidates that have applied for or been referred to your job orders, the application method they used, and detailed information for each.

·         Favorite Candidates – Maintains those résumé candidates you regarded as your favorites.

·         Virtual Recruiter – Lists your saved résumé searches.  

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